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Baird & Warner is a residential real estate services company based in Chicago, Illinois.


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Closer (Former Employee) says

"to many closings had to get them done within in an hour under stress all time traveling all over for closings when you were told when hired you would be in one officefree lunchesver stressful"

Contract Closer (Former Employee) says

"Enjoyed working with the Realtors/Brokers - they are very friendly. Attorney Agents splits are much lower than other title companies I have worked with in the past. Most of the business comes from Baird and Warner home sales. This title company has 3 different subsidiaries they work under; therefore, you have 3 different emails, 3 different log in's into 3 different programs. As a Contract Closer we are asked to commit to Baird & Warner and not work for another title company. Unfortunately, they do not do the same, they have several "Contract Closers that have worked for them for years and they treat them like full time Closers." Best part of my job: getting paid to show up to training and get paid a full day. Closed 1 loan in 6 weeks. Winters are BRUTAL. Hardest part of my job: dealing with a Closer promoted to Manager with no experience and no idea how to manage. Friendships get you very far in this company, just depends how much brown nosing you are willing to do."

Real Estate Broker (Current Employee) says

"If you are family, you will succeed there. High producers are taken care of, new agents are encouraged to work with family of managing broker to share commission. Struggling agents are ignored and reprimanded to make more money for the company. Agents are all encouraged to keep all mortgage and title business within the company. Supremely unprofessional office manager who treats the workspace as a babyshower or coffee clutch.make your own hours based on clientsNo benefits, no leads, management always on vacation"

Real Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"Doing your training. If you do not sell you do not make a penny. Takes at least a year to begin to have it flow and what you can make some money. Possibly would be better if during training you were paid they offer plenty of training. I want to tell you get a sale or at least a rental you make zero money. Very hardNoNo"

Licensed Broker Associate / Independent Contractor (Former Employee) says

"The company itself is nicely marketed and packaged. They offer assistance when needed. The real estate industry however, is a tough market, and one needs to realize this before joining any real estate company."

Real Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"My experience with Baird and Warner was mostly positive and enjoyable, In general Real Estate Sales is very stressful and unpredictable and ultimately this is why I left the industry. You need to keep your license active and even though your an independent contractor you still do answer to a manager. I got tired of working hours that I was not compensated for and having to spend money on my listings. You are on call for clients and that included weekends and holidays I wanted to go back to a more traditional job experience."

Associate Broker (Current Employee) says

"The company has a long history and has evolved into a notable competitor. The corporate structure is such that they are paid from the fees and commissions of the independent contractors so they consistently get good workplace awards. The Brokerage locations are well-equipped with on-going training and updates. The agents are independent contractors and competitors to one another. The environment in the office is a mix of cooperation, support and fierce competition with your fellow associates. Our office has a choice of large cubicles, shared semi-private offices of 3-4 desks. Conference rooms have large monitors and a video studio with green screen. Black and white and 2 color printers are for all to use as part of a desk/tech fee. Occasionally group parties and team-building games/activities are conducted. The company as a whole offers a party at an offsite location and a trip to an international resort for those who meet certain production requirements."

Professional Broker (Current Employee) says

"great company!great people, very helpful and supportiveThe Real Estate Market is picking up slowlybut not seeing the volume from the 2005-2006 days!lovely new officeno benefits, commission pay"

Admin (Former Employee) says

"but found better as an agent in subsequent years. The company is strong in its market, but does not offer the same caliber of resources as others....n/an/a"

Marketing Coordinator and Administrator (Former Employee) says

"As the marketing coordinator at B & W I found the work environment to be mostly relaxed. There were times when the agents had deadlines and needed extraordinary assistance with their marketing but that was pretty rare. I would recommend B & W as a great place to start your parking, relaxed environment.high turnover rate among the managing brokers"

Real Estate Broker (Former Employee) says

"Was a fun place to work but lead generation was not fairly given and commission split/fees were high. And no assigned desk made going into the office less likely.flexible hours and amazing trainingno lead generation"

Administrative Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The staff and management are very professional and friendly. The management team cares a great deal about the success of their staff. Great place to work!Professional staffonly temporary position"

SALES ASSOCIATE, REALTOR (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed the freedom, the pace, the atmosphere of real estate. I served many families and helped place them in their new homes. I shaped lives, communities as well as school districts. The nature of real estate compensation is not enjoyable or consistent, but you have to understand that before you enter into the arena.FreedomCompensation"

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